Success through one partner

As with any other business, there is only one goal when it comes to successful farming: to maximISE profit, whilst conserving the resources for the future. dekalb understands this and that is why we wish to support you as a partner. This partnership starts even before you plant. International innovation and expertise enables dekalb to breed top-quality seed, and the use of biotechnology furthermore leads to outstanding crop protection and enhanced yields. You can, therefore, rely on excellent DEKALB maize seed. The DEKALB partnership also includes a partnership with our chemical product range, which is specially formulated to allow maximum weed controL and crop protection. this is all supported by first-rate sERVICE.


The DEKALB advantage


  • DEKALB has one of the largest germplasm pools in the industry to consistently deliver strong roots and stalks for higher yields.
  • DEKALB products are locally developed and tested for consistent performance within each relative maturity group and environmental condition.
  • DEKALB is focused on rapidly integrating the traits farmers want in the newest, highest-yielding genetics, delivering products that combine the newest germplasm with the latest biotechnology traits for maximum yield potential.
  • Our sales team provides complete and reliable before- and after-sale service to help you select the best products for your farm to maximise your profitability.
  • We also identify specific products that can help you meet your end-market needs and get more from your seed investment.
  • DEKALB takes the quality of our products seriously.


It’s a simple fact: What you take out of your fields at harvest determines what many more people take home to eat. And while growing conditions are far from certain, the quality and strength of your seed and management practices need to be. That’s why the best farmers look for new tools and technologies to help them produce more and stay profitable, no matter what comes their way.

Count on the proven performance and profit potential of DEKALB brand maize. Founded by farmers who wanted more, DEKALB has been providing leading innovations and superior yield to farms like yours for over 100 years. With the most advanced breeding technologies in the industry and exceptional genetics from around the globe, DEKALB hybrids are developed for real-farm conditions and are ready to handle the toughest challenges the season may bring.

To help you maximize the potential of every seed, DEKALB offers the insights, practices and support to get the most out of your land. Armed with advanced technologies, up-to-date information and expert agronomic advice, there’s always a team behind you, starting with your DEKALB sales team.

Where others are content to stand still, you’re driven by the people who count on you to push for more. DEKALB helps you get it - with innovations that deliver top-performing yield potential and tools to address your unique needs, from planning to harvest. 



  • 1912: A group of 11 northern Illinois farmers, bankers and county officials laid the foundation for the DEKALB brand, establishing a legacy of industry-leading performance and innovative firsts
  • 1917: The DEKALB brand name had its origins in the small town of Illinois in the USA
  • 1935: The famous winged ear logo made its debut in the USA
  • 1998: Monsanto purchased DEKALB Genetics Corporation and now proudly owns the DEKALB brand and the famous winged ear logo   
  • 2005: DEKALB brand was launched in South Africa as the seed brand for maize seed in the place of Carnia and Sensako
  • 2017: South Africa transitioned from the widely recognized solid DEKALB logo to the original DEKALB kernel logo


The roots of our DEKALB brand stretch back to 1912 when farmers in DeKalb county, in the U.S. state of Illinois, formed a cooperative dedicated to finding ways to improve yield results for all farmers whose livelihood depended on the land and to making farming better. The resulting commercial arm of the cooperative was known as the DeKalb Agricultural Association.

Through its early years, the company worked to bring more consistent, high-quality maize seed to farmers who already dealt with uncertainties like weather, weeds, pests and disease. By the late 1920s, DEKALB led development of affordable hybrid maize - previously considered too expensive for broad use. The spread of higher-yielding hybrid maize helped farmers as the Great Depression gripped the U.S. through the 1930s.

In 1936, the “winged ear” icon first appeared in a DEKALB print advertisement, reflecting the promise of better seed to deliver healthier profit, helping lift financial burdens. By 1940, DEKALB was the leading seed maize company in the U.S., and the DEKALB winged ear icon was widely recognized as a symbol of maize innovation and quality. The introduction of revolutionary single-cross technology in the early 1960s increased maize yields for farmers and quickly led to an industry-leading sales volume for the company. DEKALB responded with increased investment in new facilities for research, breeding and production and, by the 1990s, was developing technologies including Bt insect-resistant maize.

In 1998, DEKALB was the first company to launch Roundup Ready® maize. Monsanto acquired DEKALB that year, bringing new science and technology vigor to the brand and expanding the DEKALB brand footprint with innovation and high performance for farmers around the world.

On January 20, 1912, a group of 11 northern Illinois (USA) farmers, bankers and county officials laid the foundation for the DEKALB brand, establishing a legacy of industry-leading performance and innovative firsts. 

Those same founding principles are still upheld today, and over a century later, DEKALB remains committed to providing farmers with the highest quality maize genetics to get the most out of every hectare.

Although DEKALB has only been used in South Africa since 2005, we have strived to adhere to the DEKALB reputation and commitment to offer good quality seed, support and service to farmers.

Through our DEKALB brand, our company’s mission remains the delivering of products and solutions to meet the world’s growing food needs, conserve natural resources and protect the environment - improving lives of growers and communities.

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