Johan Potgieter

Bothaville, Free State

One can hardly measure or express DEKALB’s contribution to our farming, because it is the best seed company in the world!

For us, yield increase is DEKALB’s biggest benefit, especially as one of the biggest global challenges remains to produce more food on less or the same land. To address this problem, we make use of DEKALB seed technology, such as the Roundup Ready and the YieldGuard II genes. These seed technologies are vital on our farm, ensuring better yield and grain quality. 

In addition to the yield increase, the Roundup Ready gene provides us with a better opportunity for farming sustainability. Our maize fields are more weed free, which means that more soil moisture is available during the growing season. This is vital in the semi-arid conditions so typical of South Africa. The seed package recommended by DEKALB’s professional representatives ensures excellent performance on our farm.

Not only is the South African DEKALB team trustworthy, we can also rely on top service.

Good luck, DEKALB! You have the best technology by far, and make maize farming in South Africa worthwhile!