Northern Corn Leaf Blight – Cheusi Mutawila

Cheusi Mutawila discusses one of the most common leaf diseases on maize in Africa which causes consistent yield loss from year to year – Northern Corn Leaf Blight. Take a look at how this fungus is spread from one plant to another and what precautionary measures can be taken to stop the disease in its tracks.

Giberrella Ear Rot – Cheusi Mutawila

Let’s talk about Giberrella Ear Rot! Cheusi Mutawila takes a look at how this fungal disease spreads, explains how infection takes place and focuses on the effects and characteristics of this disease. 

Fusarium Stalk Rot – Cheusi Mutawila

Cheusi Mutawila talks about Fusarium Stalk Rot, one of the major stalk rots that can occur on almost any kind of crop. He also elaborates on the conditions under which this stalk rot might occur and recommends control methods to contain the spread thereof. 

Disease Cycle – Cheusi Mutawila

Cheusi Mutawila discusses the complete disease cycle, focusing on the different disease types as well as the various phases in which they operate. These are important factors to take into consideration when monitoring and treating diseases in your crops. Take a look at the video here:

Disease causes – Cheusi Mutawila

There are various factors which comes into play when looking at the causes of diseases. Cheusi Mutawila explains the different causes, specifically focusing on the various areas in which certain diseases are commonly found. Take a look at the video here: