Technology for your benefit!

Insect and weed control are two critical aspects of maize production. This is where DEKALB’s technology can help to protect your maize, making life for you as a busy farmer just a little easier. Combine the benefits and plant a stack gene hybrid.

Our technology makes a difference!

YieldGard® Maize 2

YieldGard® Maize 2 offers excellent control against Busseola fusca (African maize stalk borer) and Chilo partellus (the sorghum stalk borer or spotted maize stalk borer).

Reap the benefits of YieldGard® 2 technology!

Roundup Ready® Maize 2

Roundup Ready® Maize 2 technology and systems offer:

  • Access to conservation cultivation practices.
  • Broad-spectrum weed control.
  • Proven crop safety.
  • Application flexibility.

Employ our clever technology to protect your harvest.